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“We all possess certain talents and gifts that are unique to only us. You already have everything that you need to start living an extraordinary life. It's up to you to turn on the switch and let your light shine.”

Talent Display:

National Reading Day was observed in our school on 5.7.19.  Children were made to read their text books and books from the library.  They were guided to read well with good pronunciation and intonation.

English Club Activity- 12.7.19

Students from III to XII Std. participated in the English Club Activity and exhibited their skill in communicating the language English through various programmes.  They presented skit, story narration, picture description, recitation of rhymes, TV show, debate and group discussion and stole the heart of the people around them.  Shri. S. Ponpandian, Principal appreciated the students and encouraged them to speak in English.


Tamil Club Activity- 19.7.19

Tamil Literary club presented its activities in an entertaining manner.  The students of III to V Std. exhibited their talents through group song, Villupattu, skit and speech.  Shri. S. Ponpandian, Principal appreciated the students for their performance.

As we have Activity Based Learning(ABL) in the pre-primary level our students exhibit their class room acquired knowledge through their talent display.

Activities Activities Activities Activities
Activities Activities Activities Activities


As per the instructions of CBSE we observed the 20th year anniversary celebration of Kargil victory in our school.  Students of VI to X Std presented the incident of the Kargil war and its effects on our nation through a skit performance.

Vigilance awareness week

Vigilance awareness week was observed in our school from 29.10.19. to 2.11.19.    Integrity Club was inaugurated and the students took pledge to lead a corruption free India.  Students marched with plug cards creating awareness about Vigilance.  Our Vidyalaya teachers gave vibrant speech in English, Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit about vigilance and kindled the spirit of our children.  Students delivered speech, slogans, group discussion and recited poems on vigilance.  


Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas day was observed in our school premises on 31st October  in commemorating  the birthday of Shri. Sardhar Vallabhai Patel.  Shri.  S. Ponpandian, principal addressed the gathering and shared his views about the Iron Man of India. He quoted about the great contribution of Sardar Patel for the unification of India.  Selvi. Hanisha of Class VIII C gave a speech and students of IX B gave a miming performance on unity in diversity.  Principal offered flowers to the portrait of Sardar Vallabhai Patel as a tribute to the great leader.

Bhagawat Geetha Day

Bhagawat Geetha Day was observed in our school.    Shri. Narasimhan, Coordinator, Bhagwat Geetha enhancement committee was present on the occasion and insisted the significance of chanting Bhagwat Geetha slogans.  Ashtaasa Slogam (18 slokas) were explained to the students by the teachers.  Students recited the slokas holistically and got the grace of the Almighty.



Intra School drawing and painting competition was conducted for the students from LKG to VII Std.  Elocution competition was conducted for the students from VIII to XII Std on corruption and its awareness.

Science Club activity was conducted in our school.  Students from III to XII Std. participated and presented various activities like speech and demo on Save Tree, Types of pollution and its effects, use of medicinal plants, food adulteration, good habits and space craft.

National Commerce Day-11.11.2019

National Commerce Day was observed in our school.  Shri. Subramaniya Subhash, Chartered Accountant was the Chief Guest of the day. Elocution competition was conducted to the students of class XI and XII commerce stream.  Students gave wonderful speech on various topics like unfair trade practices, Ponzi schemes, Enactments to ensure fair trade practices, Premier financial regulatory institutions and Internet security.  The best three students were felicitated by prizes.

We organized “Paarambariya Unavu Vizha”  to make awareness about the value of traditional food.  Students of XI and XII prepared food at home, set a food court and sold the products.  Trial balance of the profit and loss account was prepared and the profit was donated as charity to the endowment of Samskara Kendra institutions run by our school.

Children presented various programmes like speech on the importance of commerce in our life, skit on consumerism, group discussion on the topic demonetization, power point presentation on the topic impact of Out sourcing in Indian Economy, debate on central budget 2019 and quiz program.



Guru Nanak’s 550th Birthday was celebrated in our school.  M.P. Subhasree of XI B gave a speech on Shri. Guru Nanak and Shri. U. Sakthivel, Physics Teacher quoted an incident from the life history of Guruji.  Students and teachers offered flowers to the portrait of Guruji and expressed their tribute.


Hanuman Jayanthi was celebrated in our school.  Smt. Padma, Tamil teacher explained the significance of the day.  Children sang bhajan songs and worshipped Lord. Hanuman



Highlights of activity day(Activity Day):

  • Naming the vegetables, colour identification, arranging alphabets in order, Rhymes & Story telling are the activities for the L.K.G. Tots.
  • Picture composition, match the following Describing a picture for U.K.G.Level.
  • Conversation, puzzle solving, matching, are some of the activities for the I &II standard Kids.
  • Our success lies in the parent’s feedback after every activity day.

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