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Navarathri was celebrated in a holistic manner. The God and Goddess were arranged in five steps. Everyday Pooja was performed by students, parents and teachers. Variety of programmes like Skit on “Gokarna Ganesha” , Bhajan, Villupattu, Dance were presented by the students. Significance of each day of Navarathri was delivered by the teachers every day. On Ayudha pooja day, staff members of the school have performed the pooja. Bhajan songs were sung on the praise of the Almighty and sought the blessings in an auspicious manner. Dr. S. Ponpandian, Principal, Shri. S. Madavan , Hon. Asst. Correspondent, Shri. Nagarajan jee , SMDC and Shri. Sugdev, well wisher and Shri. Parthiban jee were present for the occasion. Shri. S. Madavanjee, Hon. Asst. Correspondent guided the teachers to include hymns from the poems like Devaram, Thiruvasagam in Bhajans. He expressed his heartfelt wishes to the teachers to achieve success in all their endeavours. Shri.Nagarajan jee , SMDC member appreciated the efforts taken by the team to display Kolu based on a theme. He suggested to preserve the videos as it can be passed on to the future generation. The celebration concluded with Mangala Arathi.

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