Fit India Week

26.11.2019 to 30.11.2019

On 26.11.2019, children performed Pranayama exercises and Surya namaskaram in the morning assembly and got benefitted. Our yoga teacher Smt.KalaiSelvi presented demo session on variety of Yoga exercises for the students, to lead a healthy living and to increase their memory power.

Annual Day
Annual Day Annual Day Annual Day Annual Day

On 27.11.2019 Free hand exercise were demonstrated to the students in the morning assembly.Smt.Shankari, our PET Teacher taught some free hand exercises and emphasized the significance of the exercises for free blood circulation and muscular flexibility of the body.

Annual Day
Annual Day Annual Day

On 28.11.2019 Fitness Assessment of the students as recommended by Khelo India App was organized by the PET teacher Shri.Rama Krishnan.The students were assessed on activities such as Sit and reach, Partial Curl Up, Push Up, 50m running and 600m running.

Annual Day
Annual Day Annual Day

A debate on the topic “Healthy living improves one’s Personal Life” was conducted by our PET teacher Shri.P.Muthumanikandan to insist the maintenance of good physical health and to live a life away from diseases. Students expressed their views on the topic and got enriched themselves.

Annual Day
Annual Day

On 29.11.2019 Traditional games of our state like Koli, Nondi, Pambaram and Martial art Silambam were conducted to the students.Students Participated in the games enthusiastically. Our PET teacher Smt.K.Sankari explained the benefits the children acquire through these games and made them enjoy the games.

Annual Day
Annual Day

The Fit India Week enabled the students to understand the importance of Physical health and the different ways to get the benefit of it.

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