Deeksha Camp

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”


Deeksha Camp was organized for the new X Std in our school for two days.  Students were taken to Shri Subramaniya swami Temple, Sri Varadharaja Perumal temple and Agatheeswarar temple  at Siruvapuri. Students planted saplings in the temple premises of  Varadharaja Perumal temple and visited the nearby village people and gathered information about their life style, source of income and education details of their wards.


The inaugural session was presided by Shri. U. Sundar jee organizing secretary, Vidhya Bharathi. He cited the life examples of Arunima Sinha, Mountain climber who scaled Mt. Everest though she had lost her two legs in an accident. He further added that the six traits- Effort, Adventure, Bravery, Intellectual , Power and curiosity to learn new  are necessary to be a successful person. He also quoted the struggles faced by Lord Sun. Inspite of those struggles,  he performs his duties without any hindrance. He insisted the students to be courageous and never worry about challenges in life.  Dr.S.Ponpandian jee, presented a session on “Moral Stories and Ethics”. He quoted the success story of the great philosopher teacher Aristole and his disciple Alexander the Great. He further insisted that  Humanism and faith in God are the axle for the movement of the society. Shri.Madhavan jee, Hon.Asst.Corresspondent  delivered a speech on “Richness of Bharath”. He described  the assets and liabilities  of our Bharath. He remembered the contributions of Adhi shankarar, (Adhvaitham), Madhvar – (Dhvaitham), Ramanujar  (Visistadhvaitham). Shri RBVS Maniyan jee insisted Swami Vivekananda’s message to the youth. He imparted the Bharathiya values referring many inspiring incidents from Swami Vivekananda’s life influentially. Chakriya games on various subjects were conducted. The students performed the activities in groups and exhibited their talents. Shri.V. Pravin Garg ji Hon Correspondent, GRTMVV presented the topic “Personality Development” . He pointed different views about the personality and how important it is to be a developed personality for the enrichment of the nation. He engaged the students with the inspiring explanations of  physical ,mental and intellectual development. He explained the characteristic elements and core development of the personality development. Valedictory session was headed by Shri. L. Ramamoorthy jee, Joint Secretary VES.  Session  started with cultural fact video and explained the key elements of our Sanaadhana dharma justifying the video  imparted very strongly the basic values in the young minds about the real facts of  the root of our Dharma. 

Deeksha camp helped the students to gain more information on various aspects  and ignited the inquisitiveness to aspire more in their life. 


Deeksha   Deeksha Deeksha

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