Deeksha Camp

“Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life”.

To instill good values, enhance knowledge and endow them in the right path, a two days Deeksha Camp was conducted for the X std students in our school.

The students were categorized into 10 groups of possessing 7 students, with the 10  Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

The thematic programme started on 20th April, 2018 at 08.00 a.m.  Students were taken to the Pilgrimage to Shri Subramaniya Swami Temple, Andarkuppam, Ponneri.  They  performed Bhajans and had divine Dharshan of Lord Muruga. Our students presented a small Skit on the” Importance of Girl Education “.

Shri. S. Madhavan The Inaugural Session begins with the blessings of Shri. U. Sundar jee, Organising Secretary Vidya Bharathi  on the topic “ Significance of Deeksha Camp”. He insisted  that “ Every soul is potentially divine”. We should respect every soul.  One should be a responsible person in the society.

After the session, Chief guest  U. Sundar jee, Organising Secretary Vidya Bharathi , , Shri. R.M.R. Janaki raman jee, Vice President , GRTMVV , Our  Hon. Asst. Correspondent  Shri. S. Madhavan Jee   and  students have planted some saplings around the temple. Students  were given lunch . Then they had a survey about the village , gathered information about the living status and basic needs  of the people they anticipate from the government.  After the survey, students  have returned back to the school by 03.00 p.m.  They relaxed themselves and had short refreshment . Then students assembled for the Sports and Games session by 04.00 p.m.

In the evening a discourse was presented by Shri. R.B.V.S. Manian Jee, on the topic “ Desam Kappom , Deiveegam Valarppom”.  He informed the students about the Three Dimensions of our Nation- “ Bharath “ Cultural tradition , Well defined Geographical boundaries  and the people live in India . He said that these three dimensions will determine the Nation. He quoted anecdotes from our Indian culture, about the great Indian Mathematician Shri. Bhaskaracharya, the one who created the term , “ Algebra”.

Shri. L. Ramamoorthy ji , Joint Secretary of Vivekananda Educational Society gave a vibrant speech on the topic , “ Udalai Valarthaen, Uyir Valarthaene”.  He said, “one should build a sound body inorder to build a strong soul”.  He blessed the children to hold higher position in the society.

Then students dispersed for dinner and assembled for informal session at 09.00 p.m. All the teams were given a proverb, in which a small skit was presented by the students teamwise.  Students then dispersed for Subarathri by 09.30 p.m.


Date : 21.04.2018 ( Saturday)

  • The next day dawn saw the next vibrant energy filled youth for Prathasmaran at 5’O clock in the early morning. 
  • Students started the day with Yoga and basic warm up exercises. 
  • That day’s session started at 08.30 a.m. with Amirtha vasanam. Shri. K.Ponraman jee, Education Officer, Vivekananda Educational Society,  was the guest of honour. He gave a energetic speech on the topic, “ Guruvarulae Thiruvarul”. Our SMDC member Shri. K. Nagarajan jee was present for the session.
  • The next session was lead by Shri. S. Madhavan Jee, Hon. Asst. Correspondent on the topic, “ Vazhkai Kalvi”.

Chakriya,  a session to develop the innate  talent of the students was conducted. Children faced the challenges awaited them in 7 rooms enthusiastically.


Students then had their lunch and reassembled for the next session of Our Hon. Correspondent. Shri. V.Pravin Garg on the topic, “ Sanraon Ena Ketta Thaai”.


Shri.R.M.R.Janakiraman jee was present for the valedictory function.He advised the students to repect farmers as they play a vital role in the survival of mankind.

Shri  Nagarajan Jee SMDC member informed about the Indian personalities who received many awards and expressed his desire that all the students should recive such laurels in their life.The camp ended with Shanti Matram.

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